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A peek at our Summer and Fall Workshops

  • 55 Canadian dollars
  • Concession Road 10

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Dragonflies on the Pond Did you know that dragonflies can fly upside down, backwards, straight up or down and they can also hover! Females will hover over water until they find the perfect spot and then dip the tip of their abdomens into the water to lay their eggs. Join us in July to learn more about these fascinating, prehistoric insects. More information with date and time to be announced. Moss Field Trip Mosses are an environmentally sensitive group of living organisms. Mosses function like sponges, retaining water from rainfalls, keeping the soil moist and the air around them humid. This helps other plants to flourish. Mosses also provide shelter for insects to live. And they are stunningly beautiful! Join us in October for our first field trip into the woods to learn more about mosses. Information with date and time to be announced. Wetlands - The Kidneys of the World Wetlands, also known as ‘The Kidneys of the World’ play an important role in protecting biodiversity. Wetlands provide water filtration, flood and erosion control and habitat for native plants and wildlife. They absorb and store large amounts of carbon helping to reduce our carbon footprint and combat climate change. Join us in the fall and we’ll journey into our wetlands at the Centre for our first Wetland workshop. Date and time to be announced.

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  • 1296 Concession Road 10, Brechin, Ramara, Ontario, Canada


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